James Y Rauhut

Brazos Portal

A portal for your process transformation project, enabling users to customize their experience and organize their work.

BP3 Global was my senior year summer internship and also my first role in development and design. I had previously participated in a project management internship since I was attending the McCombs School of Business. So I was grateful for BP3 to take a chance on me as a not a computer science major.

Brazos Portal

The company mostly provides consulting services for Business Process Management. Brazos Portal is BP3's software that helps companies from around the world organize and prioritize any tasks for large teams.

I was tasked with designing and deploying a demo experience of Brazos Portal. Potential customers were able to access a fictional company's dashboard to experience the software for themselves. A guided tour was also added to the demo to provide users insight into all of the functionality. This was a substantial improvement from users watching an introduction video.