James Y Rauhut

Our Wedding Storybook

An interactive storybook to invite guests to our wedding.

Most people want to make their wedding day as special as possible. I saw our wedding website as a special opportunity to use my craft for my now-wife.

I wanted to capture the feeling of reading a pop-up fairytale without the UX inconveniences of scroll-jacking and parallax. It was also important to keep in mind who these guests were. There were a lot of older relatives that felt challenged by complex interactions.

I ended up creating a one-to-one relationship between the user’s scroll position and the animations. This provided guests direct control of the animation position. The technology that made this possible was a combination of React’s inline styles and CSS animations.

The biggest challenge for me was the transition of the sky and sun. A visual designer friend was able to help teach me how sunsets are more of an opacity fade instead of a physical transition of colors. Guests ended up loving the animations and the minimal content.